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Creating the next generation VR content

Excitement is building as a new wave of virtual reality (VR) headsets get ready to hit the market. From gamers to business, everyone is talking about the huge range of applications for these new devices. At Novus we've been working on our platform to create content for this next generation of virtual reality systems.

If you're looking to develop a VR experience or app then get in touch. We’ve developed a platform for building the next generation of virtual reality based applications and experiences. Possible applications for VR experiences:
  • Games based learning and educaiton
  • Medical and clinical simulation
  • Museum and historic experiences
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Out of this world experiences (see ISS app below)
  • Creative artistic exhibitions and galleries

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Demonstrating our VR capabilities to budding software developers at the Adelaide Big Day In Conference in 2015.

Virtual Reality Experience Gallery

Himalayan Experience
Take five minutes out of your busy day and escape to this remote and peaceful mountain top meditation spot at the top of the Himalayas. Listen to the soothing music and focus on the movement of the air and the gentle relaxing sounds of the mountain tops. Just a few minutes spent in here and you'll be relaxed and ready for whatever the day throws at you.


Available for: Oculus Rift

Download Coming Soon
ISS Cupola Module Experience
In space no one can hear you scream...which is OK as you won't be doing much screaming in this relaxing and serene VR experience. Just sit back from the comfort of the Cupola module onboard the International Space Station and literally watch the world go by. Watch amazing sunrises and view the stunning variety of our little planet.

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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
A wonderful yet slightly educational journey into the strange and exotic quantum universe. Explore the universe at its smallest scale and marvel in wonder as you explore the nature of space time, the randomness of virtual particles and the general weirdness of the quantum world.


Available for: Oculus Rift

Download Coming Soon

Developing next generation virtual reality content

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