Novus on DotNetRocks


As you may have already guessed we love talking about virtual reality here at Novus Res. We are lucky enough to spend a good portion of each day making VR applications so it is nice to stop every now and again to spend some time spreading the word. We passionately believe that VR is here to stay and we feel the more people know about it and understand it, and more importantly know how to build it, the better its future will be.

This week we have gone international with our VR talk and were very pleased to be guests on the hugely popular .NET development podcast DotNetRocks. The conversation was focused on developing VR using the Microsoft .NET framework with hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, both huge names in the .NET development community. Carl and Richard are both located in North America so we had the conversation via Skype late one night Adelaide time. It was great to talk VR and also to let the world know that some cool virtual reality development is happening in Adelaide and Australia as a whole.

We talked about a variety of topics related to building VR applications using .NET so if you are interested in learning about what it takes to create your own VR app we’d recommend having a listen. For all you .NET/C# devs out there who thought you were limited to PC, web, mobile and tablet apps think again…there is a whole universe of VR out there waiting to be created by you.

You can listen to the show here.