Novus VR at the Adelaide Fringe


Novus is pleased to announce that it will be showing VR at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe

The Adelaide Fringe has just announced that it will be running the Digital Playground as part of the 2016 Fringe Festival. Novus is very pleased to announce that we will be part of this event and will be providing home grown virtual reality experiences developed right here in South Australia. We are currently hard at work working on our virtual reality show called Freelands…stay tuned for more details and pre-production stills and videos.

As part of Novus’ relationship with the Adelaide Fringe we attended a recent Fringe evening event and provided a virtual reality demonstration for attendees. We displayed a couple of basic “come and try VR” style applications that we have developed in house which provide a gentle way for users to experience VR for the first time.

Even after working on VR applications for well over two years now I got to say it is still amazing just how excited people get when they try VR for the first time. We get a real kick out watching someone trying one of our VR apps for the first time and yelling out in awe at how cool the VR experience is – we call it the ‘Holy Crap’ moment.


We are really pleased that the Adelaide Fringe is embracing these kinds of digital art forms, forms that some consider more appropriate as gaming rather than art, and is helping to spread them to a wider audience. VR certainly has applications in gaming but there are so many more applications that will emerge in the coming years showing that VR is not just a new technology but a new artistic medium.

We can’t wait until March next year when the Fringe opens and are looking forward to seeing many more ‘Holy Crap’ moments as a wider audience of Fringe-goers experience VR for the first time.