Virtual Cricket


VR Cricket

Cricket VR is a realistic virtual cricket game that lets you play cricket anytime you want without leaving the house, waiting for the weekend or sitting out rain delays. Cricket VR features the most realistic cricket simulation engine providing a challenging yet enjoyable VR experience. That said you still need to actual play the game and get a sweat on, it’s not all chips and pies.





Featuring incredibly realistic batting and ball mechanics, the Cricket VR experience feels just like the real thing. There’s no wild swinging here, focus, keep your eye on the ball and play a straight bat and watch the ball sail over the fence for a six.

Virtual Sets

It may be overcast outside but there are no rain delays in Cricket VR. From a practice session in the nets to a quick game on beach cricket or a full test match in the stadium the virtual sets immerse you out on the pitch and draw you into the experience with beautiful virtual sets, animated players and immersive audio.

Match Types

The game features multiple match types including nets practice, beach cricket and stadium play with different game play options including Best Over, Tonk-fest, T20, One Day and Test matches.

Team Party Mode

Got friends over? Play a team versus matches in party mode for up to 11 players on each side. Play a quick T20 match or see who the big hitters in your party are with a Tonk-fest competition.  Laugh along watching your friends get bowled for a duck or smashing the ball 90 meters over the fence.

Career Mode

Serious about your cricket? Career mode lets you set up a career and track your stats over the course of your VR cricketing career. Featuring real time tracking and reporting you can see where you need to improve and how you compare to the greats of the game.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode lets you get going in just a couple of clicks. Quickly sneak in a cheeky few overs anytime of the day, within a couple of minutes you’ll be in the middle of the pitch batting your way to that next ton.