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Forklift Training Simulator



The Novus Res virtual reality forklift simulation platform is designed for ease of use, flexibility and the delivery of high level performance analytics.


The Novus Res forklift simulator:

  • Provides immediate and retrospective analytics-based feedback for both trainees and supervisors
  • Has an analytics system that provides companies with quantified data which can be utilised for training program QA purposes and Company compliance programs
  • Analytics allow for individual and group analysis of trainees performance
  • Provides opportunity for cost effective staff training compared to machine–based training
  • Reduces wear and tear and costs due to staff training on company machines
  • Provides opportunity for little or no cost repetition of training exercises by trainees
  • Provides a safe, monitored,  training environment for trainees




Pre-made and customisable 3D virtual training environments available.

  • Warehouses

  • Construction sites
  • Mining operations
  • Customer design

Inbuilt tracking, analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Trainee activity logs

  • Task completion
  • Task accuracy
  • Damage to goods
  • Safe operation criteria


  • Customisable inputs
  • Customisable functions
  • Activity tracking
  • Customisable scenarios

Designed for Oculus and HTC Vive headsets with leap motion. Forklift simulator runs on Windows 10.


Can be delivered with optional physical rigs, motion platform and haptics.



  • Provide safe immersive and engaging competency based training
  • Reduce the cost of training
  • Provides trainees with more training time
  • Conduct training irrespective of physical conditions
  • Remove the need to purchase physical training plant and equipment
  • Run multiple trainees through training simultaneously
  • Realistic VR simulation of forklift truck control and behaviour
  • Games based learning experience for increased learning outcomes
  • Automated analytics and insight simplifies competency reporting


  • Functional virtual warehouse training environment
  • Designed specifically for virtual reality training
  • Simulates real world scenarios including weather, time of day and faults
  • 15 competency based lessons
  • Virtual trainer providing lesson support
  • Agent based warehouse staff and forklifts for enhanced realism
  • Real time performance and safety tracking
  • Analytics and insight on trainee performance and progress
  • Allows easy identification of areas needing improvement

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